Tool to Recover Trash Files on Mac

  • Trash recovery software is especially designed to recover accidentally deleted data on Mac Operating System
  • Easily recover files deleted using Shift+Command+Delete keys
  • Capable of recovering recently deleted data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 formatted volumes
  • Recover accidentally deleted data from MacBook Pro and from other Mac machines as well

Want to restore files emptied from Trash after using “Empty Trash” option?

In order to restore files that are emptied from the Trash you need a relevant data recovery software. The Trash Recovery Software is a professional data recovery tool, which can retrieve data deleted or emptied from Trash Bin. Its been a major issue with Mac OS users across the globe, many users losses files from Mac Trash due to various reasons. Sometimes, common human errors are responsible for this disaster and sometimes unknown factors cause such type of data crisis from Mac Trash Bin. But you don't have to worry at all, you can easily rescue files after accidentally emptying Trash on Macintosh in few easy steps.

Mac Trash Recovery software is recommended by industry experts and is widely used worldwide in order to recover Mac Trash. This advance application is developed with a simple graphical user interface so that even a novice user can retrieve data from Trash on MacBook Pro after accidental deletion in very less span of time. The most interesting feature of this software is that it allows you to view the recovered files after completing data recovery operation from.

Ways in which you might have deleted files from Mac Trash

  • Deleted the files by accidentally clicking on “Empty Trash” option:

    If you have accidentally clicked on “Empty Trash” option from the Finder Menu then all the files and folders which were stored in the Trash are deleted. Generally, when you delete files using the context menu, they get stored in the Trash and those files can be easily restored back. Once you empty the Trash then you cannot restore the files from Trash as there is no inbuilt option to restore emptied Trash.
  • Accidentally emptied the Trash using Shift+Command+Delete keys:

    You might have accidentally deleted the files from Trash using Shift+Command+Delete keys. This method deletes all the files and folders contained in the Trash. Actually, it is a keyboard shortcut to empty the Trash. The files that are deleted using Shift+Command+Delete keys can be restored only by using data recovery software
  • Deleted the files by clicking on “Secure Empty Trash”:

    If you have deleted the files using “Secure Empty Trash” then it is not possible to recover such data using any inbuilt method or any professional data recovery software. The “Secure Empty Trash” option overwrites the files with random values several times. Therefore, the file that is deleted using “Secure Empty Trash” option are permanently deleted from Mac hard drive resulting in data loss

Hard drive brands and models supported by Trash Recovery Software

Seagate FreeAgent, Replica, GoFlex, Barracuda etc.
Western Digital MyPassport, Elements, MyPassport Elite, Caviar Green etc.
Samsung EcoGreen, S2 Portable, SpinPoint etc.
Hitachi Life Studio, Touro Pro etc.
Iomega Iomega eGo Portable USB/FW800 Mac Edition, Iomega eGo BlackBelt Portable USB/FW800 Mac Edition, Iomega eGo Desktop USB 3.0 etc.
Toshiba Canvio etc.
Buffalo Stealth, Metro, MiniStation etc.

How is it possible to recover files deleted from Trash?

When you empty the Trash using "Empty Trash" or "Shift+Command+Delete" keys, the Operating System does not completely or permanently remove all traces of the files. Emptying the Trash only deletes the directory information that allows your Mac to locate the files. All your files are exists on the hard drive until the storage space they previously occupied has been written over with new data. Therefore, you should not copy or save new data over that drive and also, you should not install any data recovery software on that drive to avoid overwriting of files. It also allows user to restore recently deleted files from Mac volumes in just a few steps.

Unique Features of Trash Recovery Software

  • Recover Mac Trash software can easily perform Mac Trash deleted items recovery with utmost safety
  • It searches the deleted or lost files on the basis of their signature and then recovers them
  • Restore trashed photos on Mac OS X Lion and on other advanced versions of Mac OS like, SNow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, El Capitan and Sierra
  • Provides "Preview" option to view the recovered data before restoring to the storage device
  • Sort out the recovered data on the basis of their file name, file extension, file creation date, file size etc.
  • Easily restore deleted word documents, excel sheets, presentations, photos, videos etc within simple mouse clicks.
  • Supports data recovery on Mac based HFS+ and HFSX volumes and also Windows based Fat16 and FAT32 volumes

Follow four simple steps to learn how to recover Mac Trash files:

Step 1: Download and launch the Trash recovery application. Select "Recover Files" option from the Main Screen. Now, the next screen appears with two option i.e. "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files" option. Select "Recover Deleted Files" option to retrieve files that are emptied from Trash.

Recover Mac Trash - Main Window

Step 2: Select the volume from where you have deleted the files. Once you select the hard drive, the software scans the drive to recover the deleted files. After recovering data, you can view it and save over any drive accessible to the host Operating System.

Macintosh Trash Recovery Software - Select Volume

How can you avoid data loss in the future?

  • Take backup of important files so that you can easily recover Mac Trash files when you accidentally empty the Trash
  • Use “Secure Empty Trash" option only when you are sure about the permanent deletion of files otherwise,do not use it to avoid permanent deletion of files
  • Always turn off the Mac computer properly

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