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Recover Emptied Trash

How to Retrieve Files After Emptying Trash on Mac

When you delete important files by hitting the "Delete" button on Mac computer, you can look for them in Trash Bin. Files sent to Mac Trash are still recoverable you just need to click ‘pull back’ to restore them to original location. But what if you have right clicked on Empty Trash option by mistake? You just realized that you made a big mistake by emptying Mac Trash, which contained your important files. Don’t panic when you cannot find any files after emptying Trash, it does not mean that files are gone forever!!! Still you have great chances of recovering deleted files from Trash even after emptying it. You might be thinking how is it possible? Very Simple!! Make use of a reliable utility like Mac Trash Recovery software to undelete files emptied from Mac Trash. It checks the entire hard drive of your Mac system to identify and restore deleted items from Mac trash in just few simple steps.

What should you do after emptying Trash?

Deleted files from Mac system are redirected and gets stored in Trash, you can recover them back whenever you feel they are needed. But you have to be careful while deleting files from removable media devices like USB drive, flash memory card, thumb drive, iPod or by utilizing “Command+Delete” option, because files deleted from such drives will usually bypass Trash and gets erased immediately. In such cases, make sure that either those files are not important or you have backup copy, before deleting them. When you empty Mac Trash they are not actually deleted permanently, deleted files are still present on hard drive. Just they are not visible from system interface because file allocation information of erased files will be removed from file directory and they remain intact at this point. You can easily recover such files by using Mac recovery software until and unless deleted file space will be reused by other files. Since the disk space will not be re-used soon, deleted file data exists on hard drive for some time. So to increase the chances of data recovery you have to decrease activities with Mac machine once you accidentally emptied Trash, as it might overwrite this free space quickly with new files. Use excellent Mac Trash data recovery tool in order to get back all items emptied from Mac Trash in quick span of time.  

How Files are emptied from Trash on Mac machine?

There are two choices in finder menu to erase files present on Trash, they are “empty trash” and other is “secure empty”. When files are emptied through “empty Trash” option you can manage them to recover back by taking the help of good third party tools available. But if Trash is emptied using “secure empty” option, you cannot undelete those files because in this method deleted file space will be overwritten with random values for several times. Therefore, you can make use of software like Recover Mac Trash utility to retrieve Mac Trash items deleted as result of using “Empty Trash” option. Since the size of Mac Trash is not fixed and can occupy large space on hard drive people often do following tasks to free the disk space.

  • Intentionally deleting files from Mac Trash
  • Using "Empty Trash" option to free disk space without checking for important files

What features of Mac Trash Recovery tool will help you to restore files emptied from Trash?

  • It is built with advanced recovery engine that quickly searches for deleted file types after emptying Trash, bypassing Mac Trash or deleted using ”Shift+Command+Delete” keys.
  • It uses file signature search to spot and recover each deleted file like Word documents, excel spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos, audio files and other file types.
  • Using this tool you can retrieve files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions/volumes and supports file recovery on external storage drives like external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards & iPods.
  • It will enable you to recover deleted items from Mac Trash on MacBook Pro, Net book, I book, Mac Mini and iMac.
  • This tool has ability to retrieve lost, deleted or inaccessible volumes on Mac hard drive without damaging file structure.
  • You can preview recovered files in Mac finder styled interface and this will help you to estimate the performance of this software using recovery results.
  • You can execute picture recovery from trash on Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard operating systems along with videos as well as music files.

Recover emptied Mac Trash files as explained in below steps:

Step 1: Download and Install free version of Mac Trash recovery tool to your system and launch it by clicking on the desktop icon. Once the software gets launched, select “Recover Files” from the main window

Recover Emptied Trash on Mac - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Then select any one recovery mode option between “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” options as per your scenarios

Recover Emptied Trash on Mac  - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Recovery Mode

Step 3: Immidiately after this, the software will start its recovery process. Once item recovery process gets over, you can view recovered items in separate window by using Preview option

Recover Emptied Trash on Mac  - Preview Window

Figure 3 : Recovered File Previewing Window

Measures to prevent deletion of items from Mac Trash:

  • Maintain and update a backup copy of all important items before emptying Trash folder of Mac OS
  • Have good practice of deleting old and unwanted items from Mac Trash folder in order to avoid deleted files bypassing Mac Trash



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