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How to Remove Duplicate Files from MacBook Pro

Simple Way to Remove Duplicate Files from MacBook Pro

Possibly one of the most irritating things that happen on any Mac based system is that the same files are saved over several location of computer. Such a problem not only consumes a lot of extra memory space, but also leads users to spend extra time to find an exact file. The only possible solution to such problem is deleting them one by one on MacBook Pro. This concept is valid for the systems that have got very limited amount of files saved over it. But, if the number of files that are saved over MacBook Pro are large then it would take hours or even days to delete the duplicate files from Macintosh system. So, the question remains “how to remove duplicate files from MacBook Pro?” The best possible solution to such an issue is implementation of Remo MORE software.

Basically problem of duplicate file evolves when user save similar kind of files on MacBook pro from different location which may be internet, several usb drives that are connected to system, etc. When such files sizes gets high, they start hampering the performance of Mac system in some way like slowness of system. If you wish to restore such a thing then simply make use of Remo MORE software which scans entire Mac Volume for the duplicate files and deletes them as per user’s requirement.

Many a times we purchase a new hard drive because of lack of memory space available over the computer hard drive. Users can reduces the chances of filled up hard drive by erasing out the duplicate files at regular interval of time. This not only saves users lot of money but also helps in maintaining the functionalities of MacBook pro. Some of the manual things that can be done by users to minimize the size of duplicate files are never save the files that saved over the system previously and in case if you find any duplicate file on computer while surfing upon it, then delete it on regular interval.

The files that get accumulated on system like MacBook Pro slowly can be easily deleted by implementation of Remo MORE, which is very well built to handle such kind of problems. This software facilitates in removing the duplicate files from computer on basis of folder or drive. Remo MORE scans for the duplicate files on basis of different categories like image, audio files, video files, archives, and applications. Thus this means that if any of you wish to just delete duplicates images from respective folder then it can be done with great ease. When scanning of the respective folder or drive is completed any user can remove duplicate files from MacBook Pro either permanently delete them or move them to Recycle Bin for the time being. The files that are listed after recovery for deletion can be checked by the users with the help of the path shown on the tool. Hence, if user is well satisfied then he or she can go for deletion.

Few simple steps to Delete Duplicate Files from MacBook Pro:

Step A: First Download and install Rem MORe software on your MacBoook Pro. As installtoion is completed open its Home Screen and choose for "Optimize Window" as as illustrated in Fugure 1.

How to Remove Duplicate Files from MacBook Pro - Optimize Window

Figure 1 : Optimize Window

Step B: On Optimize Window first you need to select Remove Duplicates and later on Remove Duplicates Windows opt for "Find Duplicates- Drive / Find Duplicates- Folder" as per your need as illustrated in Figure 2.

Delete Duplicate Files on MacBook Pro - Choose Find Duplicates- Drive / Find Duplicates- Folder

Figure 2 : Choose Find Duplicates- Drive / Find Duplicates- Folder

Step C: As the scanning of drive or folder is finished user receive a list of duplicate files which they can delete by usage of the options available as illustrated in Figure 3.

Erase Duplicate Files from Mac - Preview Window

Figure 3 : Preview Window

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